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State worker accused of pulling out gun in Walmart parking lot

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Angela Scruggs was arrested for aggravated assault. Angela Scruggs was arrested for aggravated assault.
Jason Hill says Angela Scruggs almost hit his 6-year-old son with her car. Jason Hill says Angela Scruggs almost hit his 6-year-old son with her car.

Jason Hill, of Murfreesboro, said his kids are his life; he and his fiancee have three between them.

"They are my world; that's why I wake up every day, to be there for them," Hill said.

He would do anything to protect them, and such was the case Tuesday afternoon when police said a driver came speeding through the parking lot of the South Rutherford Walmart, almost hitting his 6-year-old son.

"I had my 1-year-old daughter on my neck and when I saw my son run by, I reached out and grabbed him and told her she needed to slow down," Hill said.

Those words must have struck a chord with the suspect.

"She leaned out and showed a handgun to me and said, ‘I will shoot you,'" Hill said. "I said, 'Go ahead and shoot me and if I live, I'll call the cops,' and she said, ‘I don't care, I have a gun carry permit.'"

The woman was later identified as 37-year-old Angela Scruggs, of Christiana.

Scruggs listed her occupation on an arrest report as a policy manager with the State of Tennessee. She is an attorney with General Services, according to Assistant Commissioner Kelly Smith.

"Scuggs did notify her supervisor about her arrest," Smith said. "We are monitoring the situation, and no action has been taken at this time. It happened after hours and is just an allegation that is not related to her duties at work."

"It was a pretty terrifying experience, you know, especially for telling someone to slow down," Hill said.

There are signs clearly posted for drivers to yield for pedestrians, something witnesses said the woman ignored.

"It's scary, what if she did shoot him in front of our three kids?" said Hill's fiancee, Rachel Murray.

A Walmart worker witnessed the woman pulling the gun on the victim.

Police later caught up with her on South Church Street where they arrested her for aggravated assault.

Scruggs told police, according to an incident report, that Hill came toward her aggressively with his hands in his pockets and that's why she grabbed her .22-caliber pistol.

Video from the store's surveillance camera proved that wasn't the case, according to Hill.

Police said a gun carry permit is good to have to show ownership or in the case of self-defense, but it shouldn't be abused.

"It's never a license to unlawfully point that at someone and threaten people, especially when their life is not in danger," said Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans.

The family is grateful no one was hurt.

"She about hit my son. If I had not of grabbed him, she would have run over him," Hill said.

Channel 4 News attempted to contact Scruggs for comment, but Channel 4's calls weren't returned.

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