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EVSC taking precautions for student athletes due to heat

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Schools across the Tri-State are taking extra precautions with the high temps.

The EVSC is monitoring the weather and doing everything it can to keep student athletes safe. 

The IHSAA has a statewide policy that once temps get above 105 practices must be canceled.

Even if it doesn't get that hot, the district does its part to keep kids cool. 

They'll take multiple water breaks to stay hydrated and get out of the sun and into a shaded area.

District Athletic Director Paul Neidig says they've seen situations like this before and they're doing all they can. 

"We have athletic trainers at all of our football practices they have full authority over the health of a child," says Neidig. "So if they have a child that they're questioning whether he needs a break or additional break or more water they can pull that kid out."

There are no schedule changes yet.

Paul says if there are changes due to the weather they'll let parents know immediately. 

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