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City announces Crawford Ave. buyout


TOLEDO -- While snow is on most minds tonight, several residents in West Toledo may finally have a solution to devastating flooding, reports News 11's Tim Miller.

The City of Toledo has been approved for FEMA grant money for the hardest hit homeowners, including those along Crawford Avenue. This afternoon, Mayor Finkbeiner announced that $390,000 will soon be made available, so the city can buy the homes from the residents and then demolish them.

It would give the homeowners a fresh start, and the area would be made into a green space to lessen future flooding.

Last summer's flooding to our south and west-- and even the problems earlier this month have had the most attention lately.

But don't forget what happened here! The homes and properties look dry on the outside-- but inside and in the foundations, they have never been the same.

It was two summers ago when several homes on Crawford Avenue were under several feet of water. Heavy rains and the inability of nearby Shantee Creek to hold the runoff, devastated six homes in particular.

One resident describes the nightmare she's gone through since the flooding.

"They only replaced the one wall that was caved in. So over the last two years the fact that three walls have been there for 40 years and only one has been there for two, the walls are settling at a different rate, and every wall on the first and second floor of the house are slowly cracking," Jill Badger said.

One of the six homes has already been demolished by the city. Now, city council is expected to pass an ordinance at its next session to accept the grant and then appraisals will be done, followed by purchase agreements with the residents.

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